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Range of application

ALUWOOD® Profil is a rib ceiling panel which offers an exclusive surface material appropriate for use in public areas where high standards are desired, without lowering the standard of fire safety.

ALUWOOD® Profil is supplied with a genuine veneer surface in a variety of possible wood veneers. Combined with a rear absorbing material the rib ceiling is suitable for areas where the requirements for good acoustics are strict.

Product description

ALUWOOD® Profil is manufactured of an extruded aluminium profile which is surfaced with a variety of possible wood veneers. The veneer layer is finished with a conventional clear lacquer that brings out the natural beauty of the wood. The surface of the veneer can also be stained or glazed.

Dimensions and weight

The thickness of ALUWOOD® Profil is 3 mm and the maximum length of the profile is 3500 mm. The dimensions are 42x42 mm. The weight is 680 grams per running metre depending on the thickness.

Forming stability

ALUWOOD® Profil is veneered on an extruded aluminium profile. This provides a superior forming stability compared to similar profiles made with a wooded frame or fibre frame. The forming stability is maintained even in interiors with a varying climate.

Impact resistance

ALUWOOD® Profil is manufactured of a 1.5 - 2.5 mm thick aluminium profile. Due to its strong frame, ALUWOOD® Profil can stand shocks and impacts considerably better than panels veneered on, for example, wood or fibre material.


ALUWOOD® Profil may be dusted, vacuumed or wiped with a damp cloth soaked in a mild detergent.

Air humidity

ALUWOOD® Profil can withstand a permanent relative air humidity of up to 80% at a temperature of + 25 degrees Celcius (+77 degrees F).

Sound absorption

Due to a combination with mineral wool in the underlying air core, ALUWOOD® Profil has good sound absorption properties in certain frequency areas. The width of the frequency area depends on the depth of the air core and the amount of the absorbent material as well as on the distance between the profiles.


ALUWOOD® Profil is assembled with a concealed fitting towards a supporting steel construction. The fixing clips made of spring steel are screwed onto the supporting steel construction. ALUWOOD® Profil has longitudinal traces for these clips. By this system ALUWOOD® Profil is easily disassembled and also easily fixed into an exact position when it is assembled. ALUWOOD® Profil is easily fixed to the supporting construction by sliding it over the clips and then pushing it gently.

ALUWOOD® Profil can be easily disassembled. This is done by pushing or pulling it sideways and then gently folding down the opposite side of the profile.

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Quality in production

Aluwood is certified according to ISO 9001-2015 and DIN 6701
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Fire classifications

ALUWOOD® products are type approved by "DNV-GL" and type tested by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, Borås.

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Contact information

Aluwood Ab
Verkaregränd 6
FI-22120 Mariehamn
Phone: +358 18 19200

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